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We moved out of our apartment which had been our home for 7 days with just a bit of sadness as we had a wonderful setup there. We were autonomous, fairly close to all the things we wanted to see, and plenty of room so as not to get in each others way and we had got into a routine. Eniz and his father had done a great job of making us feel at home and ensuring we had everything we needed.

But the next stage was about to start and to do that we have to move to a hotel to catch -up with the tour around Turkey we have booked. We got picked up as agreed with the tour people and dropped at the hotel in town at the “Orient Express”. It seemed very nice but we had planned to do the archaeological museum so we dropped in our bags and walked to the museum. The museum is in the tourist heart of Istanbul and is very large. The setup inside is very well arranged and organised, starting some time in the distant past 10,000 BC- 8,000BC. What surprised me was how early these people started working with copper and later bronze, this they claim to start in about the 4 to 3rd millennium BC with Bronze in full swing during the 2nd millennium. This was far earlier than I expected. Bev focussed on the sculptures and showed little interest in such things as the weights and measures of the time which included such things I have read in the bible such as talents and cubits. This collection is vast and the setup where you can get close to and even touch some of the statues and stone sarcophagus is brilliant. This was another place you could easily spend a day at but Bev and I had some other plans for the afternoon so we went back to see if our room was ready.

We had just got into the room and logged on to the computer when Netty called us on skype. Bev and I had a chat with her and then I left to look for a decent camera Bev and I can use for more serious photography than just family snaps. I was gone for about an hour and when I got back Bev had just logged off skype.

We both needed a rest before some further shopping forays and then to dinner here in the hotel. Dinner was on the rooftop of this hotel with a great view of the city as the light faded to night and the lights of the city came on which Bev and I had not seen.

Bev decided to go out for one last shopping spree and although she keeps telling me there are weeks left and that she would not buy anything until later because we would have to cart it around she came back with lots of stuff. The last shop we went into was interesting because Bev liked three cushion covers and when we went to pay we did not have enough money on us. The shop keeper said OK bring the money back later and let us out of the shop with the goods without paying. We may decide to go back and pay tomorrow, teach him to be so trusting.

Love Ed & Bev

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