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[Composed much later, from Canada... we had no time for blogging!)

Tour Eiffel climb

Louvre. Our first visit, to just the outside of the building, made best impression. When we finally went (2nd last day), morning line up was hour long. Entry speeded by helpful guard steering us to Lion Gate. Entry into Italian 18thC, some parts interesting to both of us. Then head for Mona Lisa - Should have poked our heads in the door, seen the size and the size of the crowd pressing around it, and gone on down the hall... The press of people and lack of escape and separation by the crowd and consequent dash out of the scrum in front of her face that I didn't even look at her up close! wasn't worth it. Also, should avoid temptation to "just go quickly walk through this secion" - end up overloaded overwhelmed overtired out.

Versailles. was worse. I do'nt even want to write about the frustration of getting in and the lack of enjoyment in seeing inside, due to pressing, harried, hurried too many people. Yuck. Saw more and better (though admittedly less outrageously, overflowingly opulent excess) rooms that had been recreated/moved from the palace in the little free Musee of Paris history (Cavaliier?) that Kiri led us to

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