Tasha & Kiri's Winter En France travel blog

Bisons in Bodenwald pasture

Kiri and Doro's twins at Basel Zoo

Basel Zoo Rhinos

magnificent tusks

pelican at feeding time

bear "foraging" at Basel zoo

Kiri plays with twins at zoo

Basel Muenster with ferry boat on Rhine in foreground

Doro and kids waiting beside the Rhine for the ferry

the ferry boat

Kiri and Doro and flowering chestnut

never too cool to climb a tree

morning and afternoon sundials and clock on Basel Cathedral

real old Basel letter box

Basel Tinguely water fountain

Easter Sunday morning

Woke to the sound of church bells

Realized: I'm going to miss hearing church bells when we're back in Canada

The beginning of the sad "leaving" feeling.

We travelled from Le Gue aux Biches (St Gildas des Bois, Loire-Atlantique) all the way to Konstanz in one day. It was nice to see "Oma und Opa" again. Visited the Bisons the next day. Dorothea came by train to collect her 3 kids, who'd spent some days with Oma und Opa, and us. We all came to Basel by train on Good Friday.

The weather continues unusually summery. We've just spent "summer vacation" lazy days over the long weekend. Barbeques and playing outdoors. A Saturday afternoon at the Zoo (on Kirianne's must-do list). A bit of a tourist excursion to the old city, where we crossed the Rhine river on an old ferry that uses the current to power it across... and - not until I was on the boat - I suddenly remembered that Bruce and Kirianne and I had done the same exactly 10 years ago! (We'd also gone to the Zoo, which I had remembered.)

We've been so lucky with more than two weeks of this summer weather, but, as all good things must end, the weather is forecast to change for our last week in Paris. Tempis.

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