Spring in Moab, 2011 travel blog

Location: Moab, UT

We left our home in Centennial, CO on Easter Sunday. The local weather guessers had predicted 10-20" of snowfall on the I-70 corridor, which was precisely our route getting from Denver to Moab... fortunately for us, the forecast was somewhat less than precise... seems 90% of the moisture had taken a southerly track and left I-70 'wet' in some spots... no ice, no snow, no slush.

I like to think this was due to our 'reverse VooDoo' practice of purchasing a set of tire chains for the BaB before we left... if'n ya got 'em... ya ain't gonna need 'em...

Before we left Denver, as I was going over the BaB, I found some tie-rod ends that were less than tight... I replaced them and in the process, found some front suspension air bags. I checked the pressure in the 'bags' and found the driver side with about 80 psi and the passenger side with almost 17! No wonder the BaB wanted to wander from lane to lane.

9:30 Sunday: Tie rods replaced, bags inflated and tires checked, we set off for Moab. The BaB is tracking straight and true... 'cept now, the jetstream that took our snow south is also buffeting the BaB...

Julie asked "How's it handling?"

I replied, "Well, it's kinda like wrestling with a large shoebox..."

We fought this wind for the entire trip, mostly coming directly at us out of the west, occasionally shifting to a northerly course... just to keep me on my toes, I guess.

The one pleasant surprise, after heading into the wind, and up the steep grades of I-70, was our first fuel stop... real close to 8 mpg! Ok... it was 7.89 mpg... still with the winds and the hills, not bad!

A quick side note for those uninitiated in the ways of RVing... during our fuel stop, two things occurred... One, we didn't have to 'choose' our gas station according to "Gee, I wonder if the rest rooms are clean..." (we have our own with us, about ten feet behind the drivers seat...clean as we like) and Two, the dollar amount, while 'high' compared to filling up our sidecar 'toad' (Ivan) was just about what we'd pay for a night in a motel... and we don't have to pay for a motel!

We arrived in Moab early afternoon, to the greetings of those Uralisti who had arrived before us. It's nice to meet old friends and to put faces and names to the 'board memebers' of Soviet Steeds ( SovietSteeds.com ).

We didn't have to much time to discuss the upcoming rides, as Julie and I wanted to get down to the grocery store to stock up for the upcoming week... we also used this 'time away' from the group to grab a Jack Daniels Burger at the local brewery... each and every time we come to Moab, we visit the Moab Brewery for this delicacy... and each and every time we come away saying, "Dang, they do make good burgers!"

Last night was great in the BaB... the bed was soft (gel/memory foam topper on the mattress!) the temperature in the bedroom was just where we wanted it, the neighbors were quiet and the coffee was ready when we got up... what more could you ask?

Well, time to sign off for now... gotta meet up with the 'guys' and figure out what trails we're gonna hit today.

See ya later, taters...

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