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Driving through the Vermont MTS.

Visiting Robert Frost's home near Bennington,VT

Back view of the Frost home

Church where Robert Frost is buried

White fence in front of the graveyard

One of many moose statues standing around Bennington,VT

Covered bridge around Bennington

View from our campsite--8 miles up in the MTS from Bennington,VT.

Leaving NH and heading to VT was another first for us and we both were excited. When we arrived in VT and started driving through the state,we were not disappointed in any way.

We found a nice campground 8miles from Bennington,VT. up in the mountains with great views. With the mountains around us ,I wasn't surprised to see the ski lodge next to the campground,although it was a little early for skiing. The first night the temp went down to mid 30's and we were happy to have our nice warm RV. The locals told me they could have a foot of snow by Oct. Reta and I decided we didn't want to wait around for that.

Reta found some info on Robert Frost's home being close to Bennington,VT so we searched it out the next day. It was worth the time to see and Bennington is a cool VT town to drive around and sightsee. They had moose statues at every block in town and each one was decorated differently. Our little 2yr old grandson would have thought they were cool! :) We were looking for the real thing,but I guess this was better than

We loved the NE states,but it's time to head to Indiana and see our little guy. If you're going with us ,you'd better Hang On,because it's been over 3 mos. since we've hugged our little guy!!

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