Almond flour sweets

Purple clad brotherhood/confraternity members

Madonna with skull

Jesus carrying his cross

The horn section

Women's only bier

Boy you gotta carry that weight a long time

Sorrowfull Virgin

Women of Jerusalem

Christ and his Mother

Mayan parasol vendor

Watering the carpet

Mayan women eyeing me suspisciously

colours for the carpets

Jesus bound

Well Good Friday has come and gone...and the numbers increase...at least 5000 of those purple clad confraternities members passed by in the afternoon with enough incense to create clouds obscuring the floats from a distance. Seeing the women shouldering one of the biers was novel. I liked the night parade as the figures passed by the last one was a skeleton with a scythe and scales for death...all lit & powered by a wheeled generator on a perambulator (reminded me of Sherman & Peabtime travellerraveller cartoons..where once the triumphal parade had passed the street cleanser came by with his little cart to clean things up ...pity on you tube i can only get part of King of Kings modern with sound...but I can watch all of the silent 1927 Cecil B DeMIlle version....

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