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The passengers

The Hotel Orange - location of Pips restaurant

Orange Adventure Playground - best park ever!

Top of the world!!!!


Molong and its rocks


Amazing colours in this part of the world

Site of the Cowra Breakout

I am excited a about the holidays because we are in the camper van and i slept at the top of the camper van with Athena and we had a net so we didn't fall down on the floor and the lounge can turn into a bed and jo slept at the back in the kitchen and my nan and my mum was on the lounge.On the next day we went to a park and it was amazing because it was very huge. And then we went to dinner in the campervan and we had nachos with cheese and mince. Now we are watching Depicable Me and I haven't watched it before. After that I am going to sleep at the top of the campervan again and when I go to sleep I gring my teeth. In three more days we are going back home and it going to take us hours but if there is heaps of traffic it might take us a little bit more minutes or hours or seconds. LUKE

First night we had dinner in Pips Restaurant in the Hotel Orange. It took us awhile to get the joke and in fact Kim didn’t get it until we recounted it the next morning! Ahhhh, long winter evenings fly by with this crew. A short cab ride back and we decided that the weather was a little too cold for a lengthy drinking session outside the van and so a reasonably early night was had by all.

An early start, some breakfast and by 8am we were at Orange Adventure Playground. To quote Luke ’10 out of 10’! It is an amazing playground that has been built by volunteer locals and the kids of Orange are very lucky. After I shriekingly almost fell off one of the rides it was time to hit the road.

Next stop Molong – land of many rocks. Well there were three rock statutes so we had the obligatory photos. Molong was rock photos, main street stroll and quick pastry snack and I managed to run into someone I went to primary school with. Small, small world.

We motored on to Parkes next. The colours in this part of the world are incredible at the moment providing lots of opportunities for attempts at arty photos. I hunted high and low for signs of Elvis in Parkes to no avail. There are thousands of Elvis’ each January you think you would see some skerrick of a costume or a shoe lace from a blue suede shoe, but alas, there was no sign of Elvis so after a quick beer we jumped back in the van and continued

Forbes was next on our list but it was shut. Seriously, it looked quite nice. But it was shut.

Our final stop for the day was in Cowra. A circumnavigation of the town saw us first at the Japanese Gardens and then to the Japanese and Australian war cemeteries and finally to the site of the POW camp and the breakout. It is always chilling to visit sites that have been witness to such bloodshed and this was no different. Cowra was chosen as the site of the camp because of its isolation and Rob commented that he couldn’t understand where they thought they would end up. Reading more information later revealed that for many the breakout was not about escape but about honour through dying in conflict. Senseless.

We stayed the night in Cowra and walked smack bang in to the Neville Cousins Reunion complete with camp fire, spit roast and games presumably where Nevilles competed against each other. Some yummy nachos for dinner (complete with another 10 out of 10 from Luke), a few drinks and then it was time to rug up against the cold and get some sleep. JO

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