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Ok, so I know it's a huge jump, but it was time to stop living in the past!

I'm off to Italy for spring break! I have two weeks of no classes and no exams, so I'm fufilling a life's dream of mine and heading to Italy!!

I just arrived in Rome today, so not too many stories to tell just yet. I'm rather proud of myself because I figured out a train from the airport to the train station and the directions to my hostel all by myself- thanks to low-cost airlines my travel buddy was on a plane two hours later than mine. It made me full of confidence that I could find these things on my own, especially in Italian. One might imagine Spanish could get me somewhere in Italy...but no, it's better to stick to English. Also, whenever someone talks to me now French just pops out of my mouth, it's an issue.

So, you might question my sanity coming to Rome on Easter weekend. Yeah...I do too. Am I a bad Christian if I admit I didn't realize it was Easter when I booked my plane ticket? I'm not one for crazy crowds, so honestly, if I had known, I wouldn't have come this weekend. But here I am. I will say hi to Benidick for you when I see him.

So far my friend and I have simply gotten settled in our hostel and enjoyed our first meal of Italian pasta...both very satisfactory :) In fact, I'm gonna cut this entry short to scout out some late night gelatto! I will try to keep it up to date with Italian adventures as they happen, take care everyone!

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