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Freemantle harbour

Hull section of shipwreck 'Battavia'

Our port of call today was Freemantle 25k's down the coast. A harbour town, populated by fishermen, tourists and packed with coffee shops and fish and chip restaurants.

We had a pleasant walk around the town and took in the Shipwreck Galleries, the harbour and the 'E Shed Markets'. The Shipwreck Galleries were really interesting and covered all the wrecks found on the west coast of Oz, most of which seemed to be Dutch. Remnants of ships were on display with the most impressive being the hull of a merchant ship 'Battavia' which went down in the mid 1800's. Schoolchildren dressed up as pirates added a comical edge especially when trying to load and fire a mock cannon.

The harbour was a picture and with numerous boats of all sizes is obviously the place for the rich of the west. We followed the coast path round and had fish and chips at Cicerellos. Bloody good they were too. Unfortunately the weather wasn't favouring us and we had to sit outside with a fierce wind cooling us and our food down too quickly.

Our last stop in Freemantle was the E Shed Markets. The market wasn't as good as we hoped but was still a nice stop.

Back to Perth we went, however finding our digs was a lot harder than first thought. After getting lost in the estate after missing the correct bus stop, not finding a phone at the local shopping centre and wandering round for half an hour we bumped into a dogwalker originally from Bradford who helpfully guided us back to her place, allowed us use of her phone and hailed John to come and pick us up. Now we are laughed at as we can find our way around most of Asia but not an estate in Perth.

Day 104 complete

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