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Dulles Airport

1´st. stop Ragman´s house

View from my Hostel The Walk On Inn, Cusco

Hey Benji, i made it to Cusco! This place is great, i love it already. After what seemed like an endless first day, my second day was much the same. Day one, drive to Harrisburg and leave truck at Ragman·s house, taxi to station, train to Philly, train to Washington, Metro to town center, bus to airport, shuttle to hotel. Day two, Shuttle to airport, fly to San Salvador (4.5h), fly to Lima (4h), taxi to Hostel Ana. Day three, taxi to airport, 6am flight to Cusco. things of note, there are different keys on this keyboard so it looks like the colon doesn´t exist here. The train station in Harrisburg and Philly were awesome and the one in DC was crazy. The Washington Dulles airport is a work of art, great building. People here still clap when the plane lands, why don´t we do this in the us anymore? I just ate my first chicken claw soup! There´s 400 verities of the potato here and no ketchup! My spanish sucks! Post cards cost 7.00 us dollars, which is few bowls of chicken claw soup, so don´t expect any. We had a great thunder storm here after a day of sun and warm temps. It rained so hard the sewage was blasting up through the man holes, pretty cool sight. I´m in a cool hostel, Walk UP Hostel and i start school on Monday. I´m at like 11,000 feet so i´´ll chill a few days and do sight seeing around the Sacred Valley. Cusco reminds me of Namche Bazar in Nepal, a high elevation town built on the hills, nothing flat here. It´s busy but not too bad, Nepal is much worse. Enough for now, i´m very tired.

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