Our setup with the patio and hookups

Our setup next to their home

a taste of our views looking to the east

part of our view looking to the southeast, notice the snow

Looking west toward Carson City and the Sierras about 15 miles away,...

It was a nice drive from Hawthorne to Mound House and the VanEmmerik Luxury RV Ranch. We drove from Las Vegas to Hawthorne, a longer than normal single day drive, so our approach to Mound House would be short and get us in mid-morning. Total drive from Las Vegas to Mound House was 450 miles. The VanEmmeriks have a nice little patio we pull upto and hookup to water and electric, the views are nice and the company is great.

Our stop here will about 2 weeks for kid and grandkid hugs with doctor visits and meetings with friends thrown in for good measure. Dave will make sure the Ram 3500 (Jack is his name) is taken in to Carson Dodge for the 45K maintainence checkup, etc. We need Jack to run well all summer and into the fall without hiccupping. So we think a little preventative maint is always good. When we're done with this stop, about the 27th or 28th, we'll head to LIKELY PLACE RV RESORT and GOLF for our summer workamping stint. More about that when we get there and settled in to it.

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