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Chris walks Toby in the small park in Viola, Tennessee ...the bank...

Nice shade tree to park under...the Viola Church of Christ is straight...

Observe the guard rail ...that is how close the road has encroached...

Downtown Viola Tennessee. Pop 121

Toby is scoping out the town from his perch in the CONCORD.

This is a piece of GOLD....wrapped in wax paper, right out of...

One loaded Bologna Sandwich w/Mayo, 22 grams of fat, Cost $2.64....Taste... PRICELESS..

With the GOLD in mouth...err...hand .....time stands still for me. HERE's to...


UPDATE: Trip over to Winchester, Tn. via Viola, Tennessee

Hello to all my Family and Friends,

Just a very short note to say that we departed Maryville in the CONCORD en route to my sister's place, over in Grundy County Tennessee, near Winchester. To spend a few days visiting with my MOM and Sister Peggy.

We departed in very sunny weather and took I-40 over to Crossvile and down old hwy 70 south toward McMinnville through some of the most stunningly beautiful country side this side of the Mississippi.

Just north of McMinnville (WARREN County), we turned onto a county road and took a short cut over to route 108. This part of the state is offically considered to be the Nursery Capitol of the world.

On this part of our route, we passed by the very first home we ever owned. Now, back in 1972, we thought we were on the top of the world with this very modest home just 6 miles from the center of McMinnville and 4 miles north of the small village of Viola. I think we gave $13K for that place....we thought it was our very own piece of heaven.

By the time we reached Viola, Tennessee, we had been on the road for 2 1/2 hours and it was time for a break. We rolled up to a nice town park beside the road in Viola and parked the CONCORD under a sprawlling oak and strolled over to the (only) market/café/gas station/ in town. I ordered a bologna sandwich (all the way baby)and took it back to the CONCORD and gazed upon its beauty and then devoured it.

My mom and dad used to stop here on a Saturday afternoon drive and eat a bologna sandwich or cheese and crackers and just enjoy the low keyed life style for a few moments. Dad and Mom always enjoyed being together and experiencing the simple things that always build memories that last life times.

The stop over in Viola brought back a lot of sweet memories of times when things were not so complicated. Love that time. Wish I could bring it back. As I saw Viola fade away in the CONCORD's large review mirrors, I smiled and told Chris I wish Mom and Dad were with us to share the memories of that place. We both agreed...I felt warm and content at that moment.

The last 20 miles took us through little places of Hillsboro, Pelham and finally to the Providence Community. We parked the CONCORD under the large walnut tree beside PAPA'S PLACE and began or visit with Mom and Peg.

Chris and I would love to have you visit this place we call HEAVEN some day. I would be glad to show you around the community and show you the barn were I learned to play Cowboys and Indians as a child. Take you to the spot on the ELK river, that flows nearby, were my Grand Pa threw me into the river and yelled "SINK or SWIM boy". That is how I learned to swim. Needless to say I swam!!!

With this entry let me say simply this: Yes, you can go home again. Take time to find your roots guys and hold on to them. Some day you will need them to remind you of where you were, and how far you have traveled.

Thank you Lord for family and friends. Give me courage to say 'I love you' at every opportunity.

Chris and I plan on "camping" here for awhile and then head on back to Maryville later on this week. Please sign the guest book on your way out today if you please.

In Dad's Memory.....the ADVENTURE contiues.....

Later Alligators,

Archie, Chris and Toby the traveling pup

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