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Wendy's next boat


Patmos dock

Internet cafe

Patmos from top deck

We did not schedule any excursions for this morning as we arrived in Patmos at around 6:30AM. It was overcast and expected to shower. Everyone was on their own, so Susie and I decided to get off the ship and go ashore for a walk – and find an Internet café – before we sailed at 10:30AM. This was supposed to be a tender port – but we were the only ship in town, so no tenders were needed and we docked right in town. We were allowed off the ship at around 8AM and the shops did not open until 8:30AM – so we wandered the town – actually walked all the way through the town – past a fruit market, past the fishing boats and past the cemetery (which was very pretty with multiple flowers all over the raised graves). It started raining so it was a good thing that we had brought our umbrellas with us. We passed a couple of café’s – but they were closed. We wandered through the streets as all the shops were beginning to open. It rained and we got a little wet – but were glad that we had our umbrellas and hoods on our jackets.

Finally they did open the shops and we were directed back towards the ship and found one of several Internet cafés. So we updated the journal entries and added a few more entries. It was quite convenient.

Evidently Mom and Wendy decided to skip their later breakfast and wander through the streets of Patmos also – the shops were quite cute and quite Greek! But Wendy/Mom were smarter because they went to the town AFTER the rain.

Then we all arrived back on the ship – and back to the upper pool deck – by the windows – for a late morning get together and eventually lunch. Lunch was the usual casual style – however they also were preparing stir-fry vegetables. This was where we selected the particular vegetables that one wanted, put them in a bowl and eventually they cooked them for us in a couple of woks out by the pool deck. It was quite delicious along with the Greek spices.

One note on the “pool deck” – there is a pool but most of the time there is no water in it. The pool deck has very large windows on both sides – one smoking side and one non-smoking side – so we really can only sit on one side of the boat. Most importantly it has a glass roof – which could move/retract – but most of the time covers most of the deck area (to keep it a little warm or at least not windy). It is quite nice and where we spend most of our shipboard daylight time – since the weather is not super hot – its typically in the range of mid to upper 40’s to mid 50’s – with an occasional hour or 2 in the low 60’s. The other option is 1 floor up on the sun deck – but the wind has been rather strong for any sustained time there!

We sailed out of Patmos at around 10:30AM for a short trip to Kusadasi. It was only 48 nautical miles away – so we spent most of the trip on the upper deck enjoying the sites. But of course we had to have a few activities to pass the time – Susie had to decide between Greek dancing class and Baklava preparation. Well Baklava won for her (since she had attended dance class earlier in the trip) and she met the rest of us at the pool deck to learn about Baklava. There was a 2nd Turkish language lesson for some and the rest enjoyed the pool deck and the skylights.

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