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Karoomba Falls form skyrial


BLue Mountains


We left at 7:20 am to get our luxury carriage to the BLue Mountains. Driver was 10 minutes late and the bus was not even comfortable no reclining seats or extra leg room as advertised. Libby is our driver.

We stopped at the Featherdale Wildlife Park. It was a nice area and great for kids. It was originally started as an animal rescue shelter (it's located in the middle of a residential area). We did get to see Little Penquins, some birds, different species of kangaroos, an albino wallaroo,Bilby and snakes, things we had not seen. There were alot of Koalas. My concern was for the animals. Most of these animals are nocturnal and not active during the day, but many of these were obviously being fed as they were quite active (what does this do to their normal lifestyle). The Tasmanian Devil was obviously stressed as it was running in a circle around its habitat and had a path worn in the ground! We did not pet the koalas as we didn't know if they had any type of time control as there was in Kuranda.

As we continued our journey to the Blue Mountains, I did notice the trees were changing color for fall. We stopped at Echo Point to view the rock formation known as The 3 Sisters. We also got a wonderful view of th Jamison Valley.

The mountains get teir name from the blue haze from the reaction of the eucalyptus trees with the moisture.

We had lunch at the Katoomba Golf Club...a beuatiful looking course and only $52 to play 18 holes!

Our next stop was Scenic World. It is an area that was a coal mine that shut down in the 1940s due to the cdost of moving the coal out of the mine. The incline railcar we road was used to haul the coal. WHen the mine was operating, families could come and just ride the train. When the mine closed an employee bought the train and continued to run it as an amusement ride. The family still owns it. We took the skyway car with the glass bottom over the valley and had an impressive view of Katoomba Falls. On the way back we had a view of the 3 didn't look quite as big as looking from Echo Point.

The incline railcar took us down to the rain forest (I believe I have seen a lifetime's worth) we took a short walk through the mining area to the cable car that took us back to the top.

At the end of the day the bus took us back to get on a boat for a scenic sunset ride along the Parramatra River to the harbour. THe area has a lot of marina and plenty of homes for the rich and of the most desirable areas is Hunter Hill. The view (what we could see of it when the japanese tourists weren't blocking it to get a photo) was very nice by the moonlight and seeing the lights of Sydney from a lower level that last night!

We got off at King's Wharf, had dinner at the King Street Brew House. We returned tothe hotel to do some packing. Tomorrow is our last day of time Down Under...

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