Kody poses with his best "Tiger" look.

"Tiger" Kody

Rebecca setting up for the shot.

She loads up and releases, WOW ! can that lady hit it...

Jordan & Kody play pool

Where the swim meet was held.

it's a big place.

Across the pool Jordan is there somewhere at the startline.

Jordan is in lane 5, hard to see. Go Jordan go!!!

Jordans team won 2nd place overall for this meet.

Kody & Jordan

Meet Kayden, he is almost 5 yrs young.

L to R, Kayden, Dave, Kody, Jordan, Keith.

L to R, the boys, Kayden, Jordan, Kody.

We stayed busy with seeing the kids and grandkids as much as possible. The first weekend we had granson Kody over to the coach for the weekend sleepover. The 3 of us went to the Nellis Air Force base golf course for his first introduction to golf. We bought him two buckets of driving balls and Dave showed Kody how to "wack-a-bucket" of balls, that is. The little guy had fun and about midway through his buckets he actually got pretty good! Afterward, we walked over to the "chip-n-putt" area where Dave showed Kody how to perform the all important chip shot onto the green then to putt the ball into the hole. By the time we were done with all the "wackn, chipn and puttn" our tummies were sounding about as hollow as a politicians promise! Dave theorizes that there is something exceptional about Golf clubhouse hamburgers and Bowling alley hamburgers. He says, the meat comes from specially raised beeves on specially run ranches where the meat is particularly raised just for these two types of grills. It's better than any other meats you'll eat in any other restaurants! Today, Dave proved his point, as Kody finished off his big ol' burger faster than Superman folds his clothes on washday. When we got back to the RV park, Dave and Kody went swimming to cool off and dust off.

The next weekend, we went to the Desert Breeze Aquatic park to watch granson Jordans final swim relay of the day. Oh, it was good to see the boy all grown up, so tall and strong. NOTE: Long time readers will remember Jordan toured the East coast with us for the summer of 08'. After the swim meet, we took Jordan home with us to the RV park. Jordan and Kody had undivided attention with Dave as they played pool and generally messed around alittle. Jordan got to go to the golf driving range the next day, too. But he soon declared, "Grampa, I'm sticking to swimming". He still had fun but found "wackn" that little orb all around the county was frustrating. Dave proclaimed his theory about clubhouse hamburgers and offered lunch of such to the big guy. He, too, declared Dave correct in his theory and proferred to help Grampa Dave do more research if needed!

We had a get together with everyone at son Keiths home, where pictures were taken of the 3 generations of guys. Keith and Angelique family has 3 boys, Jordan (who lives across town with his mother) Kody and Kayden. Dave helped Keith alittle with a couple projects around the house, replacing the cover over the play-gym and installing a patio mist spray system to keep the family cool during those notorious Las Vegas summer days.

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