street carpet for Palm Sunday

street carper 2 for Palm Sunday

Al Qaeda operative trying to blend in

people preparing a street carpet

undercover drug dealer asks little kids ..do you wanna get hi? on...

people outside La merced Church Palm Sunday

Beautiful plumage on this Bird of Paradise

Beautiful plumage 2

My first day of Holy Week was Palm Sunday here in Antigua...initially i got a good spot outside La Merced Church right at the front behind the Roman lancers who were managing crowd control..however after almost 2 hours of standing and being squeezed by little children and their equally little Mayan Indian mothers my foot went numb and my knee was playing up..in the end i had to abort just as the devotional bier with Christ adorned in gold and purple falling under his cross was making it's way over the threshold of the Church.

But this was no ordinary crowd....it took me some 30 minutes to get away from the throng and crush literally crushing me...i was being pummelled along talk about the ebb and flow and me as a piece of tourist flotsam and jetsam....luckily my circulation returned to my lower limbs just as a centurion pushed me into the oncoming juggernaut (oops that's a Hindu religious float!) bier was about to engulf me. It was strange to see the confraternity in their purple robes and white Arab keffiyeh swaying in rhythm some twenty or so on each side of the heavy tableau....luckily i retreated to the Luna di Miele cafe and had a lovely strawberry and apple juice twice and some Italian crepes...tomato cheese and ham! For dinner the previous evening i had 2 mojitos for Q25 about $AUD 3.15 and a meal for another Q35 ! or $AUD 4.25! The price is right! Oh and the title comes from the first hymn i heard ...at the service..mind you it was played on Mayan pipes and instruments....ah Zimmerman!

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