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Woohoo!!! Today marks the beginning of my LEAVE! YAY!!!! I even woke up early this morning. Im really excited, although I think the excitement is more for the fact that I am on LEAVE!!! After the hectic last few months, I definitely deserve a break.

So this is my last weekend before I fly out to NEW YORK!!! WOW! I know its gonna be amazing. But first I gotta get through my long, very long, to-do-list. It just never ends, but I feel like I am making some SLIGHT progress.

Im really pissed that i currently have the FLU!!!! Thanks to MR KAMALAN PILLAY!!! But this is not gonna get me down. I just dosed myself up properly with med-lemon and some other tablets and im hoping that by tomorrow morning i'll be 100's!!!

So for now that's all i can type. The medication is taking over!!!

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