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Proofing AGAIN, will it EVER END?

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Drafts 2 and 3 (Oct 29/10)

A nice way to end the work day

Looking out from the office

The wait is almost over.

"Work for six months trying to find a publisher and then self-publish", was the advice I received from various sources. That was last November and when April rolled around we decided to wait no longer. John helped me research different self-publishing services.

In the meantime I sent out requests on mytripjournal, on Facebook and on our Bayliner Owner's site for help or information.

Doug, a fellow Bayliner owner wrote back to tell me that a friend of his had recently published her book using creatspace by

John's opinion was the same after reading about several companies so we tried createspace and I loved the program and the help that they provided when I wrote with questions or issues. They didn't once try to sell me their "services", the way did when I wrote to them with similar questions.

There were a few tears and pouting sessions as I submitted files, changed, corrected and re-submitted. This took a few weeks but finally the files were deemed acceptable for printing and within hours of requesting a paper proof to be mailed, we received an email that it had been shipped.

I arrive in Barrie, Ontario on Jan 22nd and my proof arrives on Jan 19th. It works well because shipping the same thing to Roatan would take 2-4 weeks.

Hopefully the proof looks good and I won't have to change and resubmit files and order another proof. As soon as I approve the proof you will be able to order your copy from or purchase it in ebook format from the CreateSpace estore.

I will order some copies as well so let me know if you woulk like one while I am in Canada (Apr 21 - May 12)or if you want to buy one from me when I return to Roatan.

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