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commuting to work

Malchior and Balthazar yoked to the harrow. Malchior was the one who...

Anatoli teaches Kirianne "coudre cuir" sewing leather [saddles and harnesses]

Kirianne grazing Uzest on the Haras grounds. My haunt, the greenhouse, in...

bringing home the horses (and mules) from weekend pasture

Kirianne navigates around a "rond point" traffic circle on horseback! Fortunately not...

Kiri on Mosquito street riding

Friday afternoon off = outing to nearby Pujols "one of the most...

Kirianne in Pujols - it IS a very pretty little medieval village!...

Pujols glycines - lilac and glycines blooming everywhere now

Sunday morning family bike ride

newborn foal

new foal about half a day old

Sarah working on the "Post" on Mosquito and Quimper

Anatoli does the Post on the two mule brothers, Gaspar and Pashly

Vincent makes the Post look easy

vincent concentrates for horseback acrobatics

working out a scene for the theatre piece - it's about growing...

Kiri packing Surya

Kiri learns horse training with Caline and Vincent

Ecole Villeneuve Haras

If anyone is thinking that Kirianne is skipping a year of school, these photos may tell you how much she’s been learning this week at the École Villeneuve-sur-Lot Haras!

There’s been horse care (grain rations and fresh pasturing) and child care (she can tie a good back sling). Riding lessons, and the experience of taking a herd of horses along city streets and byways to and from weekend pasture in the country. (I was glad she was given a helmet; the rest of the riding she’s been doing here has been without – since these folks do much more dangerous stuff and seem to think nothing of it!) Saddle and tack maintenance and repair. And horse training with voice and body commands. Oh, and gymnastics with a flying harness and all, although not on horseback, thank goodness! As a matter of fact, it seems to me that Kirianne gets to learn all the fun stuff while I’m doing housework and child care! I haven’t even been on a horse in France!

Oh, and there was also the experience of a new foal born on the premises (albeit in the middle of the night when we were at our caravan). Lots of stuff happening every day. Who says kids don’t learn anything in Grade 7…? That’s maybe only true if they’re in regular school!

Tomorrow we leave to spend some days visiting again and saying our goodbyes to the family at Le Gue aux Biches, where they have a new little pig, lots of lambs, a baby goat and who knows what other changes at the old and new farms…

A bientot! Stay well!


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