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Pirates Cove seen from the Dolphin cruise

Azaleas in bloom

More Azaleas

More Azaleas

Knock out roses at Anchors Aweigh

Beach view from Sea n Suds

Another beach view

and of course, beach birds

Lots has happened this last month, most of it good, but some of it not so good. On Tuesday the 22nd of March we took a Dolphin cruise on Perdido Bay with about 50 of our neighbors and friends. It was a beautiful day, an absolutely perfect day on the water. As guaranteed, we saw several dolphins and watched them race through the wakes of the boats. After the cruise six of us, Roger and Linda, the friends we met last year at the laundromat, Roger has since joined the jam sessions, he plays the harmonica, Linda’s niece Joann and her husband Lee, and their friends Barb and Dick stopped at another of the many seafood places in this area, Doc’s and had another good lunch. Linda and Roger, Joann and Lee and Barb and Dick spend the winter at another campground in the area but come over to Anchors Aweigh quite often to join in some of our activities and we have gotten to know them all. On the day after our wonderful day on the water when the “crew” was leaving Anchors Aweigh after the last Bingo game of the season Joann and Lee and Roger and Linda had a car accident. To leave the campground you have to cross a very busy four lane, and as Lee pulled across the highway a young driver driving too fast and without headlights T-boned their car. Roger and Linda were on the passenger side of the car and were pretty banged up but didn’t require a hospital stay. Lee and Joann weren’t as lucky, Lee had some broken bones but Joann got the worst of it. She has been in the hospital for at least 3 weeks now, but we are hoping she will soon make a full recovery. The accident totaled Lee and Joann’s car of course and because Joann is still in the hospital they have all had to extend their stays in Alabama until the end of the month when they are hoping Joann will be able to travel. Not exactly a perfect ending to their winter in Alabama.

Because Bob and I are planning to travel West this summer, we decided that the most practical way for me to get to see my family this year was for me to fly up to New York for a short visit. On Thursday, the 24th I flew out of Pensacola, FL to spend a week in Rochester, NY where my daughter Kris and her family, including Bentley, my new Great Grandson who is only 5 months old, live. My son Ken and his wife April drove up from Binghamton for the weekend so I got to see them all. I had a great visit. Leaving Bob alone for a week was the only bad thing about the trip. He did manage to get along without me and some of the neighbors made sure he didn’t go hungry by inviting him along on a couple of their outings. On one outing they went to Fish River Grill II again and this time he tried the alligator…..

I returned to Alabama on the 30th and the next day we went to Applebee’s with 12 other couples as sort of a “farewell dinner” since most of them would be leaving Alabama in the next few days. With a very few exceptions most of them will be returning to Anchors Aweigh this coming winter and we are looking forward to seeing them all again. We have made so many great friends in the last three years.

We made another trip to the Cracker Barrel in Pensacola to meet up with a couple we met here at Anchors Aweigh three years ago, Dave and Chris. Dave and Chris have been work camping in Florida this year but will be returning to Alabama this coming winter. Since we are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon this summer, Dave and Chris offered to bring along all the info they had about it and shared all their tips about what we need to see and do. We spent about three hours looking at all the brochures and catching up with Dave and Chris about their travels.

This afternoon the last of us “snow-birds”, us and three other couples who are the last of the winter gang, had yet another “farewell dinner”, this time at the Sea ‘n Suds on Orange Beach. It is one of the restaurants that we hadn’t been to yet, and it was really great. It is right on the beach and today was another great one, sunny and warm, a perfect day to say goodbye to the beach until winter. Tomorrow we will be “on the road again”. First stop, Jackson Mississippi. See ya!

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