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Colby about to smack his Papa


We had a good time at Steve & Jen’s place yesterday evening. It was a joy to spend that time with the whole family.

We were tired from the travel yesterday but stayed up awhile after getting back to the RV.

It was already daylight when we woke this morning. I almost always get up before daylight so I was surprised to see all of that light streaming in the windows.

We had slept with the bedroom windows open and it felt pretty cool in here when we first opened our eyes.

Marilyn forced me to get up first and turn the furnace on to take the chill off. I did that and also turned on the fireplace. A quick check of the temperature showed that it was 54 degrees inside the RV. That was great for sleeping but not so great for getting out of bed this morning.

We sipped our morning coffee indoors and by the time we finished, it was plenty warm enough to turn off the fireplace and the furnace.

Jennifer called and we wanted her and the kids to come on in, so they did. She brought some breakfast sandwiches with her so we ate a bite for breakfast.

Colby and I went to the playground for awhile and then to the bridge where Colby could throw rocks into the shallow stream. He throws with either hand with equal skill. Pretty neat!

About that time we saw Marilyn, Jennifer and Lauren coming toward us.

We played with the kids all the way back to the RV and then I took off to go get a propane bottle filled.

I installed the now-full bottle back at the RV but left the valve closed so that I will know when the other bottle is completely empty.

I then took Colby and Jennifer with me as we hauled the air compressor up to where Marilyn’s car was parked.

We had to air up two tires and once that was done, we discovered that the battery was completely dead.

I added water to the battery and hooked up the charger.

It took some time but the car finally started and runs as quiet and smoothly as when it was new.

While we were at Marilyn’s car I located the digital, hi-def antenna I had left there.

Back at the RV I climbed up on the roof and installed that antenna and now we get about 10 or so channels of TV, which is just fine.

Jennifer and both of the grandkids fell asleep and napped for a couple of hours.

We sure enjoyed having them here today.

The folks at the cave asked me if I could help out on Saturday and I agreed. Actually I look forward to giving a few tours again.

That is the least I can do, as we are treated so good here.

I must admit……………..Life is Good!

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