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Russell Ferry Dock




Lighthouse and keepers house

Hole In The Rock

Thousands of Fish

Private Beach Camp that can be rented

Otehei Bay and dock

Nice Little Boat - at least 100'


Today we decided that we would take it easy, almost everyday up to this point has been go go go, drive several hundred K and try to find a motel. We slept a little late, had a leisurely breakfast of toast and cornflakes, then when downtown to look at the beach and the shops.

In the afternoon we took a boat tour of the islands out as far as hole in the rock. Our first stop was at the small town of Russell to pick up a few more passengers. After leaving Russell we were told much of the history of the area, Captain Cook spent time in the Bay of Islands waiting out a storm.

We stopped for a while and watched as dolphins played around our boat. Cool! Then off to Hole in the Rock. The sea was calm enough that we were able to pass through it. During extremely high seas the hole is sometimes completely filled with water. There were thousands of fish visible in the sea on the other side. Hopefully the pictures will show them.

The lighthouse keepers home is 47 meters (152') above sea level and waves have crashed on the roof. Scary!!!

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