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I was up by 6:00 this morning, ready to leave and head for Hannibal, MO.

The first thing on the agenda was to check the weather and that gave us pause. The forecast calls for storms along the route and winds out of the south, gusting to 45 mph. That would be a straight crosswind for us, being eastbound across Missouri.

We really wanted to get through Kansas City on a Sunday morning when traffic is light, but could see no sense in trying to travel in bad weather.

We are in a nice RV Park, with trees around the perimeter, we are in no hurry because Jennifer is working today, and tomorrow will be a much better day for travel.

So we’ll stay put for today. We have things all ready to go and we’ll be on the road early tomorrow morning.

After our coffee, I walked to the office to pay for another day here.

We hated to sit here all day watching the weather, which began with clear skies, and me doubting the decision to stay another day. We could see the tree tops whipping around, but wished we were on the road.

We are so anxious to see the kids and grandkids.

I can remember the few times in my career as a pilot, when we cancelled a flight because of weather, and then mulled over that decision all day long. I have to admit that we did the right thing every time. There were probably a few other times when we flew, wishing we had stayed put. LOL

In aviation the old saying is “It is better to be down here wishing you were up there, than to be up there wishing you were down here.” LOL

It was so hard to learn the lesson, that once a decision was made, it was over, and not to be thought of again.

Marilyn did the last load of laundry and took a walk of just over two miles.

I did last minute chores and had things ready to roll.

We watched the Master’s golf tourney. That was one exciting golf match!

Tomorrow we'll be in Hannibal!

Five hours away. Not far! Soon we’ll be giving big hugs to those grandkids.

Life is Good!

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