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The other campsites were very nice as well. Large and grassy.


These were from Friday; it was too dark to get a photo...

We never saw antelope in the campground, but they were everywhere else.



There was great scenery all around, but you really had to keep...

Along the road to Trinidad

If you have followed our journal for a couple years, especially the winter we spent in south Texas, you’ll know we are not fond of the wind. We’ve had strong winds every day for almost a week and we’ve had about as much fun with that as we can stand. Saturday morning we packed up our stuff and headed north to Colorado. Great Sand Dunes doesn’t necessarily sound like it’s a wind-free place, but perhaps it’ll be no worse.

We had thought we would be the only RV in Black Mesa State Park, however, we had neighbors both nights. The first night an elderly couple came in late in a class C and the next night a couple pulling an Arctic Fox travel trailer came in late afternoon as well as a couple of 5th wheel. To be so far off the beaten path, this park gets more business than I thought it would.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Ranger assigned us the handicap spot. As a result, Gene’s been playing campground host. The Ranger leaves at 3 pm and all these guests have come in much later than that. There’s not much info posted at the office, so Gene’s been answering all the questions.

We were up early wanting to get an early start for our drive today. Being at the very edge of the eastern time zone, it doesn’t even think about getting light here until about 7:30. We had our curtains open well before that and as we were sitting at the table eating breakfast, Gene noticed movement outside. With the very first rays of morning light we could barely make out the local herd of twelve deer and the ranger. After the sun was up we could see corn on the driveway. Wonder if the state biologist knows the ranger is feeding the wild things. It was definitely a great show to see.

We finally got on our way about 8:30. Our first stop was to fill up the gas tank. In Boise City, Oklahoma we got to pay 3.69 per gallon at Loaf ‘n Jug. Diesel was 3.99. All gassed up we were ready for our 200-mile drive to Trinidad, Colorado.

Our ultimate destination for this leg of the trip is Great Sand Dunes National Park. At over 300 miles, we didn’t want to tackle that in one day, so planned to overnight at Wal-Mart in Trinidad. Looking at the weather forecast on the internet, Gene did not find any strong winds forecasted. However, we had very strong winds today. At one point, we even pulled off the road to see if the shroud on the air conditioner had been blown loose. We learned later that it was the slide-out awning bracket that was loose and we now have a torn awning.

We got set up at Wal-Mart, did our little bit of shopping, and settled in for the night. One of the things we did during the evening was to check the weather forecast for Sunday. We learned that Great Sand Dunes was expecting snow. With that bit of information, we adjusted our plan to only go as far as La Vita on Sunday and continue to Great Sand Dunes on Monday when temperatures were to be in the 60s.

It was another wildlife day. Besides the dozen deer, we saw 13 antelope and five or six prairie dogs.

That’s what happened on Saturday. You’re not going to believe Sunday’s adventure.

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