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There are a few things I wanted to mention before I write about today.

On the way to Topeka yesterday we passed by two semi tractor-trailer rigs which had been turned over due to high winds. Both were near a turnpike rest area, and one was almost at the entrance to the rest area. That was near the rest area north of Emporia.

A sight like that is a serious reminder to those of us who pull our home behind us, to stay off the highway during bad weather conditions and high winds.

Another little item was that when we within spitting distance of the RV Park, ,having only to cross a small bridge and turn in at the entrance, we discovered the bridge to be closed.

That forced a detour of about four miles. Now we are trying to find the best way to leave without climbing an extremely steep hill just outside the RV Park.

We slept great last night, with the windows open and a fan running. After that good night of sleep we sat together sipping our coffee, watching the sky turn from dark to gray and then to blue.

Marilyn wants to have all of the laundry caught up before we get to Hannibal. Things have a way of getting quite busy once we arrive there so it is good to have as many little chores done as possible before we arrive.

She fixed a fine breakfast of peppered bacon, eggs, toast, green chili, orange juice and coffee.

We changed the linen on the bed, then I helped with the dishes and we soon had the RV clean and ready for the day.

I went out for a walk to take a few pictures, while Marilyn got another load of laundry started.

Marilyn went for a walk while I got this journal started.

She walked a bit over three miles. I am so proud of her!

We got out long enough to make a grocery run and to fill the truck with fuel. The diesel fuel cost $3.679 per gallon, which is less than we have paid anywhere else since leaving the RGV.

We had a note from Lori, one of our friends, this morning. We met John & Lori, along with Sam & Rhonda, and two other couples, at the BBQ place this evening, to enjoy some good food and conversation.

We first met these fine folks in Colorado and try to get together with them whenever we are in Topeka.

We parted with hugs and hated to say “So Long” to these good people.

I have pictures for you today so I’ll quit writing and get the pictures posted.

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