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South Campus, where I worked

My old office

Dave in Briefing Room

Used as training aide

The Sovereign Simulator

Mustang Sim

Instructor's Panel




Dave and Bill in Dave's office

Award given to my friend, Dave

To our surprise it was quiet last night and we slept good.

It was nearly 7:00 when we climbed out of bed ready to begin our day.

After coffee we made ourselves ready to get out for some fun.

Marilyn asked me to drop her off at the mall so she could shop while I visited my old work place, Flight Safety International, Inc.

I met my friend, Dave, at our former place of employment and we visited with old friends.

What a pleasure to see the smiling faces of these good people who were my peers in an exciting profession over the years.

I saw old friends, Dave, Bill, Charlie, Steve, Brad, Roger, Don, Jack, Joe, Kim, Linda, Joni, Charla, and probably some that I have omitted.

A few good folks like Tim, Rhyll, Chuck, Fred, and Brian, were not working today so I missed them.

There were hugs and handshakes all around as Dave and I caught up on the happenings at FSI.

I was able to walk around and get a few pictures while we were there.

I had hoped that Dave and I might be able to fly the Simulator, as a crew, but the one we wanted was busy, so we saved that experience for another time.

Marilyn called and informed me that she was ready for me to come get her.

I saw her waiting for me and we were soon on our way to “Carlos O’Kelly’s” for a lunch of good Tex-Mex food.

Dave joined us and we lingered, enjoying the conversation.

We made plans to meet Dave & Judy for dinner and Marilyn wanted to get there a little bit early to shop for some special tea she likes. Alas, that place was now out of business.

We hoped to be able to watch a bit of the Master’s Golf Tourney but it wasn’t on any of the channels we get off the antenna here at Blasi.

We also didn’t get to see our neighbors, good friends who lived next door to us. We drove by our old house but these friends were not home and we ran out of time to get back with them.

Herb, Deb, Audrey and Daniel, we sure hope we get another chance to see you one of these days.

So another good day draws softly to a close. Tomorrow we’ll be back on the road again, heading to Topeka, where we hope to see more friends, before moving on to Hannibal.

Life is Good!

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