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Someone working hard, is that Barb?

Larry peelin spuds, another volunteer, Ron, looking on

volunteer "doc", a retired emergency room trauma surgeon, from Peru, whoever met...

adding fries to the boilin oil

yummmmm, lookit dat fish brown up

cuttin up fries

Ron and B enjoyin

fries were great too, lookit that great job of siding B's been...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whoops, guess I shoulda let folks know a little earlier that we did survive. But it was worrisome for a while. The tv was flashing warnings, the 11 o’clock news (we are on eastern time) showed an ugly band stretching from Louisiana to Kentucky heading right for us. We debated what to do and just sorta sat tight and waited. We pulled our slides in as a precaution since they were talking golf ball size hail in places but to us…….nothing happened. It all missed us. There were no real strong winds and only a brief thunder shower. Whew. We slept good.

The next morning we turn on the tv and see destruction all over Alabama and Georgia. In Phenix City where we are, 5000 homes were without power, across the river in Columbus, GA it was 8000. Sheesh, our power never blinked. But then when we got to work, the foreman Larry, had bad news. At his place a big oak limb came down on 3 of his cars. His wife’s ’95 BMW convertible, that she’s had for a year, was squashed and totaled; his ’92 Corvette had the windshield punched in and roof damaged and their year old Saturn was badly scratched and will have to be repainted. He doesn’t have a garage. He said the wind was raging at his place and he never even heard the limb come down. And he is only 2 miles from us. So go figure.

Nothing else much happening. Cooled to the 60’s after the big storm for a day but then back to the 80’s. Today Larry brought a treat for lunch. 2 deep fat fryers, one for fish and the other for french fries cut from spuds peeled on the spot. He catches bass at a couple private lakes where he belongs to a club so he can fish there. Costs him a thousand bucks a year to fish. Yikes. Boy was it a good lunch. Nobody felt like doing much work afterward. Imagine that?

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