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245 foot Chisholm Trail walkway


Shared my visit with two little cowboys


one of many fabulous sculptures

The bed at the Waco Fairfield Inn was incredibly comfortable - so comfortable ,in fact, that I slept until 8:30 this morning. Mad dash to get my free breakfast, go back upstairs and shower, and get on the road by 10 am.

I decided that I would stop in Duncan, Oklahoma to visit the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. Well worth the time and effort. This is not a very big place but has displays that are put together in incredibly interesting ways.

I went on a short tour with Susie the guide. Accompanying me was a Mom with her two adorable young boys. Our first stop was the theater that showed a film about a 19th century cattle drive. The film opened with "Cookie" making bacon, biscuits and beans for the cowboys' breakfast. The smell of bacon permeated the theater. Next there was a storm and raindrops fell on the audience - the storm led to a stampede and the theater shook! At one point we heard a cowboy riding his horse coming from behind us and then suddenly he came on the screen. It was all very exciting .

Besides watching the two little boys ride a horse or try to rope a steer, my favorite other interactive exhibit was " You Are The Trail Boss". I took a herd of cattle on the Chisholm Trail and as six or so different problems arose I was presented with choices to make - a voice would say "whatcha gonna do?" At one point I lost ten head fording a river. Hey - I'm from Brooklyn!

The art gallery was lovely - I particularly loved the sculpture. This was a great stop.

Since there aren't too many hotels in Duncan Oklahoma, I drove another one and a half hours to Oklahoma City. Did lots of touring here last year so tomorrow on to Kansas.

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