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The sun was shining brightly and there was not a cloud in the sky this morning when we woke up. It was also quite cool, in the upper 40's but by afternoon, it climbed to the low-70's. Perfect weather, not too hot and not too cold.

We quickly took our showers and ate a light breakfast and soon we were off on an adventure.

First we walked across the road and visited an old building that was part of the City of Rosewood. We were told it was one of the few buildings that was not burned during the 1923 "Rosewood Massacre." For those who are not familiar with this dark piece of Florida history, you can read about it here: Rosewood Massacre

A few years back I had read about Rosewood, but until yesterday I had no idea that it was located so close to this park. There is so much history all around our country and we are so privileged to be able to visit these sites in our travels.

Next we hopped in the truck and drove about 20 miles to the City of Chiefland. We needed diesel and some supplies and that is where the nearest WalMart is located.

Before shopping we stopped at BBQ Bill's for some lunch. At first we weren't too sure about the place but restaurant selections in Chiefland are quite limited so we decided to give it a try. We both ordered the BBQ pork sandwich special and the salad bar and we were very happy with our choices.

After our delicious lunch, we dieseled up the truck at $3.89/gallon (ouch!) and then did our grocery shopping. One thing we noticed about Cedar Key is that supermarkets and gas stations are almost non-existent. The locals here all drive to Chiefland or for more extensive shopping, they go to Gainesville.

When our shopping was finished, we headed back to the park to put away everything and then we reposed to our chairs outside to sip a refreshing glass of sangria. We were entertained by the hummingbirds at our feeder and then we were visited by Bob, the neighborhood dog. We don't really know what his name is, but he looks like a Bob to us, LOL.

It was a busy day and we were tired so we postponed until tomorrow our planned seafood dinner on the Island. Instead, we microwaved some frozen food and called it dinner.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store...........

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