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Now that Lina and i are leaving Lobitos, i have time to write about Lobitos. (Lina is taking a nap)

Lobitos is a small town, population 500 max, on the northern coast of Peru. It has a very interesting story. Years ago, maybe turn of the century or a bit later, (im not good on dates) it was an English port. and a pretty shick little place it was in its day, ive heard. very affluent and the rich came here to gamble and party. Some years later it was taken over by the Peruvian military and used as a base and training area. Then a few years ago it was abandoned by the military. and since then it has been inhabitated by Peruvian families.

So as you walk around you see colonial style house from the English and military buildings. all are run down except for those which are now homes. all the empty buildings you can wander around in. some still have some paintings and reminents from the military which are interesting.

The town of Lobitos holds 4 different waves. "el hueco" (the hole), "Lobitos" (little lion or little sea lion), "los muelles" (the docks), and "piscinas" (the pools). the waves here are world class. there are no other waves like these from Panama down to Argentina. im no surf expert, maybe you could find this class of waves in Costa Rica.. definately in Mexico. Anyway, the Peruvian Government has become aware of the potential Lobios has. so of course, they want to sell it. for a cool 10 million US dollars you can buy Lobitos. the buyer is obligated to build a few (not sure the exact number) 5 star hotels and a few large condominiums. initially, as governments do, they were going to kick out the inhabitants and tear down all the old buildings. after some resistance they decided they would build some apartment (in the back, out of sight) and move the inhabitants there and preserve the buildings.

the fight is still going on. the government will probably not win, this time around at least. this month Peru has government elections. it will be upt o the next government to decided if they want to continue the persuit.

the idea is sad to people who have experienced Lobitos. its also stupid. if you've been here you know that this is no place for any 5 star hotels. its in the middle of the desert. 40 minutes away from the nearest city. its freezing in the winter. its windy. people come here for the surf. and there are very few 5 star hotel staying surfers. most are humble gypsie type folk who smoke weed and play the bongos. they like to stay in run down buildings, take showers once every 2 weeks and pay 10 soles ($3.00 US) to sleep in a tent.

Our stay in Lobitos has been nice. Origionally we were sad because it has changed a lot since we were fist here a few years ago. The place we stay at, and where Sereno and i first met, is a huge old building. i would say the frame work is sturdy, but thats about it. it has few walls still. now it has running water and electric. although i have to admit i dont mind not having to go to the bathroom behind a bush anymore.

Lina and I are heading to Guayaquil, Ecuador late tonight. Sereno will go with us to the city and see us on the bus. he will stay the night there and then come back to Lobitos. I love Lobitos. but im anxious to get back to Ecuador and see everyone. and this is a difficult place to be with a baby.

Ill try to write more later and put up some photos.

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