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I don’t know how it happened but we slept until 7:30 this morning. That sure felt good!

I have to mention that yesterday, on our drive back from San Antonio, my cell phone rang. I try not to talk on the cell phone while driving so Marilyn answered, or tried to answer, but did something wrong and the call was lost.

Back at Buckhorn resort, we waited for our friends Mike & Sandy to arrive. We had expected them to be here waiting for us when we returned but they were absent.

I finally called Mike and he said “Didn’t you get my voice mail?”

Well, it seems that the dropped call was from these good friends, informing us of a brake problem on the RV, which happened while they were on the road coming here.

They turned around and went to the dealer who sold them the RV, left it there, and went back home. Bummer!

Mike & Leslie weren’t back from their day-trip to San Antonio yet so we decided to not go out for dinner and just have some popcorn and enjoy a movie.

We actually enjoyed two movies and then went to bed with the windows all open, for a great night of sleep.

This morning we drove to Cracker Barrel for a fine breakfast.

I then topped off the fuel tank with diesel at $3.799 per gallon, before driving back to the resort.

Marilyn went for a three mile walk and I wandered down the road to visit with Mike & Leslie.

Marilyn joined us as she finished her walk and the four of us sat together getting caught up on what has happened since we were together in Colorado.

We decided to get together at our place in the afternoon, to share a pitcher of Marilyn’s margaritas and more conversation.

When I searched out the ingredients, I discovered that we had no frozen limeade so that required a trip to Walmart.

Mike rode with me, showing me where things are located in this nice little town.

Back at the RV it wasn’t long before our friends joined us on our patio.

We moved inside to the air conditioned comfort of the RV, and shared a pitcher of margaritas, along with constant conversation punctuated with lots of laughter.

Saying So Long to these good friends was tempered by the knowledge that we will meet again, somewhere down the road.

We settled down to a relaxing evening with some TV followed by a good night of sleep.

Tomorrow is another day and we’ll be back on the road, getting closer to our family as we go.

Life is Good!

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