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Looking down from Tree Top walk tower

12 Apostles




Loch Ard Gorge

Took Willis for a run today!

As we hopped in the car this morning with Peter again at the steering wheel. Ali commented about the familiarity of the situation! We left to travel west and south on the Great Ocean Road. The scenery was beautiful! Again with the winding roads!

First we had to stop at the Fly in Otway Park so Verne and I could do the tree top walk! I did it but I did not go up the spiral tower nor out on the cantilever! I only looked down out of the corner of my eye; at least it was fenced on each side of the walkway!

We traveled through Otway Park and into Port Campbell National Park. In this area a sheer cliffs and coastal rock sculptures. They have given names to the rock formations actually formed by erosion of the ocean waves over millions of years! We saw the Twelve Apostles, rock pillars near the shoreline (Peter said there were only 11 as 1 fell down, Frommer’s says only 8 are left). We went to London Bridge, which has fallen down. The center fell into the sea in 1990 and left a couple stranded who had to be airlifted by helicopter. Peter said it made news when the couple who were married (but not too each other) were rescued (according to Frommer’s there were a bunch of tourists on the wrong end…but the sign at the site said 2). I think Formmer’s might be wrong on the apostles also! We’re not sure how the tourists got to the far end of the bridge as it is all fenced off now (maybe the fencing is due to that accident). We also visited the Loch Ard Gorge, the site of the wreck of the ship, Loch Ard. The scenery was amazing and looking at the different ways the sea has worn away the cliffs! It was a long day but a great day.

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