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Burrows-Millard House - Mary Josephine Millard 1848-1901

Burrows-Millard House - Master Bedroom

Burrows-Millard House - Master Bedroom - Large Doll with Human Hair

Burrows-Millard House - Parlor - Motorized Lighthouse Lamp

Burrows-Millard House - Parlor - Pump Organ

Burrows-Millard House - Parlor - Piano

Log Land Office 1860s

Replica of Original Log School House

Free Methodist Church 1905

Methodist Parsonage 1900

Henry-Millard House 1900s

Wooden Caboose Pre-1920

After lunch we took a walking tour of Millard’s Crossing Historic Village on US 59 north of town. The restoration project was begun in 1968 by Lera Millard Thomas, wife of former Congressman Albert Thomas. All the 19th-century buildings were moved from their original locations in and near Nacogdoches to the present location, where they were restored. We had an interesting introduction at the Burrows House (1867-1874), which serves as the visitor center. Then we walked around on our own to see several of the buildings. Not all of them were open.

Because the village also serves as an educational center, there were hands-on activities designed especially for children: pull up a bucket of water from the well at the Burrows House, plow the vegetable garden, operate a water pump, ring the church bell, use a change-making/sorting machine, use a quill pen and ink in the school house, play the 1895 pump organ (I played a hymn on it!) and play corn cob darts or anty over.

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