A Metrolink like the one we rode

The type of countryside our RV park is in

a Metrolink stop at beautiful downtown Burbank

We arrived at LA's Union Station

Ate lunch at world famous Clifton's Cafe

outside Clifton's

old signs inside the cafe

Really! Good ol'Days...

inside Clifton's


Beautiful old architecture. outside

inside is very WOW !


the tour group waiting for the subway.

the "Proof" picture, look over Rebecca's shoulder see the sign?








Pic the imitation star you like and take a pic, they work...

The Graumans Chinese Theatre.





we were late for Helen Miren's block ceremony. Here the cement is...

Woody and Dave


Marilyn and Dave, she's a lucky girl

Run for your life !




Nearby is a Metrolink station, at which, we met 6 other RV'ers going on a tour of LA and Hollywood. This excursion was led by "Jack" a well known resident who leads groups 2 times each week to popular spots in the famous city. We had a great time, "Jack" was humorous and very much informed as to history and current events of all that we saw and visited. We boarded the Metrolink at 9:15 which zipped us quickly (1hr,10 min) to LA's Union Station where we transferred to a bus taking us uptown for lunch at Cliftons Cafeteria. Then it was time to catch the subway, getting off at Hollywood and Vine. When we were done at Hollywood we caught a bus to world famous, Farmers Market where we wandered around and looked at the open front stores. Adjacent to Farmers Market is , The Grove where high end stores tempt you. There we rode the old double decker trolley for the two block tour. It's free and very unique. A long bus ride took back to LA's Union Station where we barely caught our Metrolink train back to Acton. With the trip over we returned back to our coach, about 11 hours for the day, tired but satisfied.

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