our broken up "Porte-Bote".

The boat

The pieces of boat.

Dave's cousin Sandi, on left, with us at a lunch.

It's poppy flower blooming time.

The city of Lancaster has a Poppy Festival in April

We caught it at the beginning of the bloom.

We had fun finding fields of flowers

nice closeup of poppies

A storm came through on the day we were scheduled to move from Pio Pico so we stayed over one day to make sure we didn't have to drive in high winds. Winds over 40 mph are very dangerous and potentially detrimental to our home on wheels.

The 220 mile drive from Jamul to Palmdale is easy, on maps, just drive right up I-15 to Hwy 138 (west) easy, right! Wrong! As it turns out I-15 is in HORRIBLE shape. It is bumpy, thumpy, and crummy. We had to keep our speed below our usual 60 mph to about 55 mph or lower sometimes. When we arrived at our destination Dave discovered while disconeccting the 5'er from the truck, that we had no boat! That is to say, the "Porte-Bote" we HAD in a wooden box suspended under our coach was not there! Not the Box, Not the "Bote", just tag ends of broken straps dangling. Last time Dave checked the boat box for security was just a couple stops ago and all was secure. Now, I-15 was SO ROUGH that it bounced the box so bad it evidently came loose and fell from it's security under the coach. Upon finding this, we immediately left ASAP to go find the boat. We had an area, in our minds where we heard a swooshing noise, thinking that a passing truck made the noise. That happened between Ontario and Fontana, about 80 - 90 miles behind us. It wasn't long before we did, in fact, find the "Porte-Bote" and the box or rather all the hundreds of pieces. We didn't find any oars, no box pieces more than 18 inches square, and there were roughly 30 pieces of boat all of this scattered over a distance of about 200 feet along I-15.

While we are here we'll be connecting with Dave's cousin, Sandi, and we'll be taking one trip into Hollywood. But first, we have to weather 4 rain storms coming at us.

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