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Well, despite our grand efforts and our 5:30pm arrival, we missed the 7 ferry and will be on the 9. Does beg the question though, why not add a 6 or 8 on the last Saturday of spring break?! Alas, they didn't, so here we sit. We've all become very comfortable in our little van, so what's a few more hours?:) What I haven't yet mentioned is our love for a certain audiobook! Yep, totally sucked Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Absolutely LOVE it!!! So we are all quite fine with being given a little more time with it:) Oh and I nearly forgot! Wee Ben lost another tooth!!! Once again, just as we're about to have dinner. He's quite looking forward to putting his little tooth under his pillow at home tonight:) Night all, I'm sure we'll speak to all of you in the morning. Thanks for tuning in to our little road trip xo

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