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Our hopes of a beautiful, sunny day on which to bum around waiting for our night bus to Cuenca were in vain. Instead we woke up to incessant rain. Having checked-out of our room at Hostel San Blas at 10am, we were doomed to spend the day café-hopping in a continued attempt to stay dry, but after making a hot chocolate last for an hour in a dingy restaurant that looked like a storage room for broken appliances, we decided to go back to our hostel and wait out the rest of the afternoon in the foyer. This turned out to be an excellent decision, since almost as soon as we sat down we got chatting to a really lovely couple, Gaby and Joel. The six hours passed in no time at all as we discussed travelling, politics and our plans for the next few months. We offered our future apartment for whenever they wanted to come and visit and they said we could look them up in Manta. We said our goodbyes like old friends and departed for the station at about 9pm, in good time for our bus at 10pm. We’d heard some awful stories about night buses in Ecuador and though we didn’t appreciate the blaring music at 4am when we were clearly trying to sleep, the journey was better than we expected and we arrived safe and sound at 6.45am on Monday morning.

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