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Decided to stop in Toeterville (that's Toe ter ville, like my big toe, not Tooterville!!) to see Sgt. Major (Retired) Kittleson and his wife, Darlene. Walter and Gaylon were on the Son Tay Raid together, and Gaylon goes way back in the military (one of the original

Alamo Scouts in WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam) We had a wrong phone number, but driving through Toeterville all fifteen houses, we saw their name on one of the mailboxes in a group of mailboxes, and drove down the street until we saw a garage with a 7th SFG sign and Special Forces insignia, and stopped, and it was the correct place. Darlene was home, but Gaylon was out at the farm, about 2 miles away, so Darlene drove us out there, Gaylon gave us a tour of the 255 acres and his new crop of calves and we went back to Toeterville and had lunch with them. It was good to seem them again. The last time we saw them was at a reunion in Dallas, TX about 6 years ago. Gaylon is in his 80's, but gets around really well for his age. He said the farm was the best thing he ever did after retiring as it keeps him busy! After lunch, we bid them goodbye and left to find a place for the night. We stopped in Otranto, IA Campground on the Cedar River. Absolutely no one is here so we have the place to ourselves. We saw 2 tom turkeys (wild) cross the field next to the campground. We saw a deer and 2 pheasants over by Kittlesons' I forgot to mention the rest area we stopped in this morning just outside of Mason City (on the interstate, which we try not to use). It was absolutely state of the art. It had a big, redbrick visitors center with automatic toilets, lavatories, a lobby with every kind of vending machine you could conceive of, a computerized weather center so you could check the weather, and a free wireless internet (unfortunately, their server must have been down, as we couldn't get in). And it was extremely clean. Neat place!

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