Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

Woke up with slightly fuzzy heads from the night before and were thankful that the pubs had shut and we had gone to bed when we did. Despite yesterdays efforts we still had bits and bobs to do and our 14:40 flight was upon us before we knew it.

At the airport we decided that we were hungry and, shame upon us, bought a KFC meal unaware that we would be fed royally on the plane to Singapore and then again on the flight to Perth. We were stuffed and even Danny was struggling.

At Singapore airport Danny spotted England rugby player Jason Robinson in Duty Free, presumably on his way to watch the Lions in New Zealand.

When we got to Perth at 12.30am we found that our hiking boots had to be quarantined because they were muddy. The quarantine lady escorted Danny, whose shoes were dirtier, to clean them thoroughly before being allowed in. I was left to look after the bags.

Once we had been deemed safe to enter Perth, we found that the airport foyer was full of information on things to do and places to stay. Needn't have bothered with a guidebook after all!

Caught the Shuttle Bus to our GH Spinners and was regaled by the driver with tales of all the streetcrime he sees on a daily basis. What a way to sell a country to us! He meant well though and helpfully pointed out places he had seen streetfights or highspeed carchases.

Checked in at around 1am and felt a little guilty about waking our dorm mates who were in bed surprisingly early.

Day 101 complete

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