Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

We arrived back in BKK in the early hours on Kao San Road(KSR) to find numbers of drinkers populating the streets. Four in the morning and fellow travellers getting pissed. They were sat on the pavement drinking local brew. Carnage!

Some Swedish travellers were heading to a good GH they knew of and we followed - delighted to find an a/c ensuite room for 250B and we managed to wangle paying for only the following night.

Woke up around 9am and headed out with slightly fuzzy heads to do all the last minute errands we had been meaning to get around to. Buyiing clothes, guidebooks etc in preparation for OZ. Day ended up in the MBK centre watching Star Wars at the huge multiplex and then finished the day with yet more shopping on the hallowed 4th floor where Danny succumbed and purchased a Gameboy Advance with 174 games. An early birthday present to himself in preparation for all the long bus journeys we will have in Oz. Right.

Helped out some fellow Brits who were short of change on the bus back to KSR and couldn't beleive the rain storm that started just as we got off the bus. We sheltered for thirty mins. in a doorway waiting for it to relent.

Met the British couple later for dinner and were gobsmacked when we found KSR closing for the night at around 2am. We had contemplated a big last night in Bangkok but it wasn't quite to be.

Day 100 complete

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