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Hello to all those who haven't given up hope that I may update this site one day... You are of noble birth and give hope to those most discouraged.

Somehow doing basically nothing eventually eclipses your internet time. That's the only excuse I will offer, as I truly do want this website to be thorough and interesting, but I have failed. Miserably, it seems.

So now a fresh start! I will begin with where I am today and slowly work my way backwards and forwards simultaneously, which is actually a huge project even without photos, but I have the journal to assist.

I am today in Pakse, a small city in southern Laos, the kind of place nobody wants to visit but must cross through to reach other points, making it the perfect spot to swap travel stories with people you shard a bus seat with 7 weeks ago in another country. I have bumped into a Dutch couple who I first met on a bus from Siem Reap to Battambang, where I attempted to explain the meaning of 'immutable' a la Sophie's Choice. Wait, is the book called Sophie's World? Anyway, the Dutch girl was reading it. Also have seen about 7 people I have already met in Laos, in just the week I have spent here.

Pakse does have one redeeming quality, in that there is an excellent Indian restaurant, apparently a branch of a Lao institution that has taken over the country, providing tasty chapathi and palak paneer to all corners of this little place. People move very slow, speak quietly and smile contentedly. Good place to be, this country.

I got the best news ever about a week ago, Willow, my dear friend and CU dorm-mate, is joining me for the tail-end of my trip through Laos and Vietnam before starting a Ph.D. program at UChicago. Yeah, she's smart. I am looking forward to being able to reflect on what I am experiencing with someone that knows me, also someone whose opinion I hold in high esteem. I do value that I have had both the travel alone and with a friend experience on this trip, as their both invaluable. But Willow is not allowed to break her arm, that's my only rule.

OK miss you all, will try to update for real, I mean it this time, and actually write something about the month of April and also about Cambodia, as those two months are completely absent from this online thing... Love Whit

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