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Asian buffet from the Seifried winery luncheon

old narrow guage RR car on Charming Creek walkway

cascading waterfall along the walkway

bridge at Oparara park

largest snail in NZ

entrance to cave

subfossil skeleton of the Moa bird

largest spider in NZ

Exiting the cave

Fossil footprint of Moa

yesterday we left Nelson and headed for 4 days in Karamea along the west coast. On the way we hiked the Charming Creek Walkway for about 5.7 miles and then proceeded to our motel in Karamea. After breakfast today we took the bus to the Oparara in the Kahurangi Nat. Park..we hiked to limestone caves with ANCIENT bones of Moa...prehistoric large birds. also we saw remains of deer that fell into this cave system..View of the exit from the cave was awesome. We stayed down in the cave with helmets and lights for about 1.5 hr. Then we hiked back to the bus and took another little tramp to the Moria Archway.

Hiked a total of about 5 miles today..I'm feeling good...got a big hike tomorrow along the Heaphy Track for 11 miles!! hope my advil works.

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