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Hike at Lake Georgetown

Lake Georgetown

pond by spring.

water seeping from hill

water seeping out of hill in background

Bats - Round Rock, TX

Bats - Round Rock, TX

The weather is odd this week - cloudy mornings and clear afternoons and very windy. No rain from the clouds though and highs in the low 80s so we can't complain.

Lake Georgetown is about 4 miles west of Georgetown and is a reservoir on the San Gabriel River. There is a 26 mile hiking trail that circles the lake and today we did one of the day hikes along that trail. The section we hiked was a 5 mile roundtrip trek out of Cedar Breaks Park to a pretty area along the lake where a natural spring bubbles out of the ground creating a small oasis. No palm trees at this oasis - only purple irises, wild strawberries, elephant ear plants and a small waterfall going into the lake. A farmer has cows fenced in along the trail taking advantage of the water from the spring.

The San Gabriel River runs though Georgetown and there is a bike path that parallels the river connecting several city parks. We started at San Gabriel Park - the largest of the parks we saw. The city parks are all slightly different and we enjoyed riding our bikes though several. The path has more hills here than what we rode in Louisiana though so we got tired and had to turn around before riding the path to the end at Lake Georgetown. We made several stops to enjoy the views along the river, walk across concrete dams at Blue Hole Park and walk around a small pond at Rivery Park.

Round Rock, TX - just south of Georgetown has outlet malls that actually have discounted prices. Seems like the only outlet malls we have seen lately have normal store prices so this was a great find. We spent one afternoon wandering through the mall.

Last night we went to a beer pairing dinner for Rick's birthday at Fieldhouse Grill in Round Rock, TX. Fieldhouse Grill is one of Nolan Ryan's restaurants. We left an hour early for the 7pm dinner thinking we would get there with about a half hour to spare but didn't realize traffic would still be bad. Less than a half mile from the restaurant we got stopped by a train, followed by another train! It was 6:55 and we were afraid we would be late, but forgot all about dinner when the 2nd train blew it's whistle and thousands of bats flew out from the overpass beside us. Amazing!! We had heard there were bats but that this wasn't the right time of year to see them. Luckily, we made it to the restaurant right at 7pm and they hadn't started dinner yet. The dinner was fun and we met many interesting people.

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