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Terri all ready to ride

This is a chronicle a bicycle trip across Canada the summer of 2011 as well as some of the preparation for the trip. We will updated the journal sporadically throughout the summer as we have access to the Internet and spare time that will not be spent setting up camp, cooking when it is our turn, eating, sleeping, doing laundry and making bicycle repair. If you are reading this feel free to share the URL with others. I hope you enjoy it. Today is May 5th and training is well underway. It is suggested that we cycle a minimum of 2000 k before beginning the tour. So far, due to less than ideal weather, we have been a bit slow out of the blocks but are at about 1600 k so far. Living in the Guelph area does give us the opportunity to train in all kinds of conditions. We have flat routes and we have the escarpment for hill training and we certainly have had windy conditions along with plenty of rain to keep us cooled off. The weather this week has turned for the better and we hope that we can get some good K's in this weekend and for the rest of the month. June 18th, the day of departure for Vancouver is coming up fast so we have lots of things to get done. Most of the things needed for the tour are in hand but packing and eliminating anything unnecessary is so important as space on our truck is limited.

Today is May 31 and this Terry is updating this journal with a couple of items before inviting you to read it. First training has gone very well and I have all but crossed the 3000 k and Terri is very close to the 2000 mark. We had a fabulous double century ride last weekend (that's 2 160k rides, on Saturday and one Sunday) and did it in in good time and in good shape. The bikes are now in getting the final tune up at our favorite bike shop, Bits, Bikes & Boards, here in Guelph. Then we will check them out before shipping them to Vancouver for the start of the tour. The plan is to ride from Burnaby to Victoria on June 21 to dip the wheel in the Pacific at mile zero on the Trans-Canada Highway and then ride back to Vancouverthe 22nd for orientationaltion on the 23 and start the ride east on the 24th. The next entries you see should be after we complete the mile zero ride. Thanks for all your good wishes and moral support. I know we will count on that to get us through this adventure of a life time for us! Cheers

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