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So Tuesday morning started with an adventure. I had gone over to my friend Sasha's host house to sleep the night before because she lives close to the train station. As we were getting ready for bed I realized I had forgotten my contacts at my host house. Which means I got up at 5:40 am, took the bus to my host house, grabbed a few things I had forgotten, and then metro-ed to the train station. I still beat Sasha, who was late getting out the door :) But yeah, that was unneeded excitement to start my Paris trip.

The train ride to Paris was not bad...especially because I slept through most of it. I think it took six hours or so, we were crossing pretty much all of France. When we got there we got set up in our hotel and had a couple hours of free time. Clara, Sasha and I decided to meander down to the Seine and see what we could see. A group of us ended up sitting just across the river from Notre Dame on a beautifully sunny (if chilly) day. Pas mal, as the French would say :) The group met back up to take a river boat down the Seine, aw that was lovely! All the monuments were starting to turn on their lights, and we were that group of students everyone laughs at a little bit. After the boat we had the Frenchest French dinner I have probably ever had. It was escargots and chicken and a cheese plate and creme brulee. It was one of the boys birthday so his creme brulee had a candle in it, that was cute. Dinner was awesome but afterwards I was way too full, the food was all so rich and of course I ate it all. Since it was Dave's birthday we found a bar kind of near the restaurant, but it was pretty American. All was fine until they pulled out the beer pong...and then I went back to the hotel. Not a super eventful day, but a great start to a trip in Paris!

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