Ed and Sue's Trip Winter 2011 travel blog

Sue Eyth walking up the path to the Cliff Dwellings.

Roosevelt Lake and the campgrounds down below.

Cliff Dwellings in Tonto National Park

An Exhibitor demonstrating use of an Atlatl. (Great scrabble word)

The group standing on top of the Roosevelt Dam (Dave and Bonnie...

View of the Salt River from the top of the Roosevelt Dam.

Ed standing on the Roosevelt Dam with the beautiful bridge behind him.

Can you see the Super Moon through the Palo Verde Tree?

We are here on a lake in Arizona. To answer your question, yes, there are lakes in Arizona. We have been to this one before and it is so beautiful we just had to come back. It is in mid-eastern Arizona, about 70 miles from Phoenix and is part of the Salt River Project. It is 25 miles long with 112 miles of shoreline. It is in desert surrounded by mountains that come right up to the shoreline. It is a National Forest park with no power and last year there was hardly anyone here so it was nice and quiet and peaceful. What we didn't figure on was school break for Arizona schools, so this year when we arrived it was crowded, noisy and lots of activity. It is still a beautiful place to camp and we are enjoying our time here.

Tim and Sue Eyth met us here on Tuesday and are parked across the street from us. Dale and Karen Buhlman drove over on Wednesday and spent the night with us. We got to sing happy birthday to Karen on Thursday morning. And we have been joined by Bonnie and Dave Horsefield who live in Presque Isle, MI and are neighbors of Tim and Sue and friends. So we have our own little encampment. We're having a great time, eating, drinking, playing games, bike riding, hiking, fishing and sitting by the campfire.

We just happen to have picked the week that Roosevelt Dam is celebrating the centennial of its dedication. There have been lots of activities and events marking the occasion. We were able to walk across the Dam and stand on the same spot that President Teddy Roosevelt did on March 19, 1911 and gave a speech in recognition of the completion of the Dam, which allowed water control for the farmers and ranchers in the area and allowed the growth of Phoenix to what it is today. It was exciting to be here for the event and the only time the Dam has been opened to foot traffic in many years. We also hiked up to the Tonto Cliff Dwellings in the Park and viewed many exhibitors who were brought in for this special occasion. Many interesting exhibits and crafts were presented. There was also a luncheon for the Governor, Senators and other dignities on top of the Dam which we weren't invited to, but lots of Homeland Security and police presence. They said they didn't want another Tuscon incident.

The only glitch in the week has been that we experienced another problem with a tire. This time with the truck and it wasn't the tire as much as it was the wheel assembly on the truck. It was making a horrible noise in the front tire area and we took it into Globe to have it looked at and $1,000 later, it was all fixed. It's always something isn't it!

We watched the Super Moon last night come up over the mountains over the lake and it was pretty spectacular. Hope you all got a chance to see it. We are feeling very fortunate to be able to enjoy so many things and this was one of them. A toast to good friends, good times, and Mother Nature. We love it all. And a toast to all of you. Hope life is good for you, too.

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