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i met a couple of women the other day that work at an avian rehabilitation center. One, her name was isabelle, is a veteranarian who doctors animals in rehab centers all over belize, including manatees and other exotic creatures. She is right now in aftrica as the representative for belize in a wildlife protection/environmental world fair. The other woman, her name is amanda, is the co ordinator for the bird rehab center that is just a 10 drive away from where i live. They always need help and there is a paying job opening coming up sometime in the next year that they are looking to fill and want someone to start soon so as to train them. I told them i was interested and will be visiting the center tomorrow.

we also met an electronic engineer, named John, that wants to share his knowledge with us. How synchronistic. i am currently reading a book about fractality and the science of human and molecular/atomical energy fields. Combined with my friend Marjie, the horsewoman, my educational retinue is growing faster that a Chaya plant in the rainy season.

We just moved from atop a hill, overlooking one of the biggest mayan pyramids in the YUcaten, to a 5 acre plot of beautiful luscious riverfront paradise. FULL to the brim, with colourful birds and little agoutis, also known as bush rabbits for their hoppity rodenty nature. The other day we had a birder named Clive wander into our yard. it was fun to chat with him about how exciting it is to see all the orioles and yellow and red flycatchers that are such a treat up north, flying rampant and plentiful down here. And of course, there are the parrots kicking up a fuss every morning at 6, and the toucans nesting in the tree behind our new house. But some of the most splendid in my opinion are the trogons. in the same family as the infamous quetzal of guatemala, the trogons sport a red or yellow breast that covers their whole front to the tips of their tails. the rest of their plumage consists of irridescent greens and blues on a backdrop of silky black that cascades from their beak, over their heads and down over their wings to their tails which extend to be half of their full length and square off, bluntly at the bottom. they have short beaks that are black or yellow, and as we were happy to inform our friend Clive, we have seen them nesting inside termite nests. We had actually assumed they were eating the termites when they stuck their heads deep into the centers of the textured brown masses. Clive, however was able to inform us otherwise. He was interested to hear that we had seen the phenomena first hand, an experience i do believe he was a bit envious of.

Love love and hugs. I am going to post this email in my blog to give my friends a bit of an update if they are so inclined. i have had to mostly ignore the whole blog thing on account of not have internet and also being much to involved in my life here to be plugged into the computer world.

im not sure if i told you this but a man that i was involved with briefly bought me an acoustic guitar for christmas. So i have been playing it tons and am almost at a rythmic point of operation!! its good fun and a great excuse to hang out with hot musicians!! (they can teach me new things to practice).


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