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How's this for a flower pot ?!

The Rio Plata; the brown color, and nothing on the horizon both...

How's that for a color inspiration ?

Great model, and the Studebaker is also a classic

Colonia is at 60 / 34, with Buenos Aires across the river

Flew from Iguazu to BA, and immediately upon exiting the airport felt the cool air of autumn and sighed with welcome relief from the heat and/or humidity of the previous two weeks. City bus to Buquebus (ferry) terminal, and one hour high speed ride across the Rio Plata to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. The Rio Plata is a WIDE river. You can not see land in any direction while crossing it. And it is about twice as wide at Motevideo as it is at Colonia. The water is a uniform milk chocolate brown that looks like an endless stream of hot cocoa flowing by; did not see any floating marshmallows, or whipped cream !

Pulling our luggage thru the Sycamore leaf strewn streets, 70 degrees & breezes blowing, we could have walked miles. Well OK, a few hundred yards.

Colonia is a World Heritage site, and the old city is well preserved; and not overly touristic. We spent a couple days here enjoying the ambiance, and weather, and bused on down to Montevideo. Uruguay has about 2.5 million citizens, and about 1 million of them live in Montevideo.

Ciao for now

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