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Sunday was the day we were headed back to Toulouse, but that did not mean we were going to take it easy. Oh no, we had left the biggest parts of Barcelona for our last day, aren't we clever :)

First stop was Parc Gueill, which is a park that has a lot of things made by Gaudi. The famous lizard statue, a house that he lived in for many years, that kind of thing. The park was really beautiful, more cactus than lush flowers but well laid out. We had been walking for about an hour before I turned to Elizabeth and go "so where's the Gaudi?" It is a massive place, but eventually we found the house he lived in and the benches that look like mosaics. To me they are from l'auberge espagnole, but I think they are famous for another reason too. Pushing through the crowd I got my picture with just the part of the wall I wanted, overlooking two other houses that seemed to be made out of gingerbread (or designed by Gaudi). The only drawback of the park was beautiful weather had gotten a massive crowd out there, but we pushed through. By the mosaic benches there was a giant open arena, and in that giant open arena there were tons of vendors, selling necklaces of Gaudi-inspired shapes or traditional Spanish fans, all that kind of thing. For starters it made me think of the market in the Temple that upset Jesus so much. Then I was admiring some earrings (actually very well priced) when the guy folds up the umbrella they are on and walks away. I look around and the entire market has dissapeared or is dissapearing before my eyes. Then I notice the four cops standing by the entrance, and realize none of these vendors are supposed to be there. Which makes them cooler in my eyes :)

After a quick lunch we headed for Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's church. Elizabeth was adamant that we go in and that we get the audio-guide, and I stared up at the entrance and thought "I am not going to like this". Lies. Sagrada Familia is food for the soul, its beauty astounds you in a million different ways. The use of color and light and shapes is incredible, and thanks to the audio-guide I could go into mind-numbing detail about Gaudi's genius. I won't. Suffice to say it was amazing, astonishing, and one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. I have pictures but it doesn't do it justice, and I want to go back when it is completed. It kind of makes me happy that it will be during my lifetime (Inshallah :) )

Like I said, Sagrada Familia blew my mind, but it included a Gaudi museum too, so after all of that I was a little Gaudi-ed out. Elizabeth convinced me to go to one of the old houses he made though, and we got to go up onto the roof with all the crazy shapes. That was fun, I crawled around like a five year old :) I also took one of the best pictures ever of Elizabeth standing in an archway with the Sagrada Familia behind her...she would probably make it her profile picture if I ever put it up on facebook. The house was fun but didn't hold our attention too long, we had to get back to our driver.

Our exhaustion led to an adventure in finding our driver, but missing your metro stop is rarely a big deal, and we had unlimited rides, so we were only slightly late and not really flustered :) It was nice to have the ride home though, we all passed out within a half hour. I had promised to stay awake with the driver, which proved unnecessary because he had a friend with him, but I did anyway, for most of it. Which means I have an awesome picture of the rest of the back of the car sleeping :)

I hope everyone is well, sorry it has been so long since I have written! Hopefully I will get closer to the present soon :) Take care, I miss you all!

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