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This was near the "ghost town" of Indianola.

Rick on his bike, before the flat!

My bike may be older, but it is realiable.

The statue of La Salle, he first landed here in 1652

Yes that is a dolphin fin

This grandma was teaching her granddaugher how to fish.

The end of the road brought us here!

OK, another trip to Walmart...this time Rick went to buy a new tire tube for the flat tire! The gooey stuff he put in the tire to fix the flat, just squirted out the valve all over! Yuck!

With the tire fixed we head out for a bike ride down the road following the bay, looking for the ghost town we read all about yesterday. The ride was beautiful, we fought the wind the whole way! There was only like one big granite rock which marks the courthouse, this was the ghost town! What a disappointment!

We rode until the road ended(unless one wanted to head straight into the ocean) at a fishing pier, bait shop, little cafe, and a small RV park, which was about four miles from "home". We went in and decided it was lunch time, so we ate out on the dock, watching people fish. I don't know how much they charge to use the dock to fish, but the signs indicated there was a charge. There was also a board up telling of the last days largest catches; on it for Tues 3/16 was a 50lb drum fish that was caught! We also so dolphin, three together, while we enjoyed our lunch.

OK, now it gets interesting, we go out to leave, and Rick has a flat tire! Seriously! So I ride back home, I did 4 miles in 15 minutes flat, the wind behind me, but I peddled all the way and it was hot out! I was proud of myself, now Sara and Judi are probably thinking, yeah yeah, big deal right?? LOL. Anyway got the SUV and picked up Rick and his disabled bike! Where do you suppose he will have to go AGAIN tomorrow? We get back home and who needs a nap...Rick!

I decided on a walk on the beach while he napped, afterwards, I am sitting on the dock, (the RV park has it's on private dock) enjoying the sun and a gust of wind comes up and blows one of my new brown Croc flip-flops into the water. Now I don't know how deep it is, so I wasn't just going to jump in, so I follow it from the shore, watching it go out farther and farther; why I thought the waves would bring it in, I don't know! So I lost a shoe, and I am sad! Rick is tired of hearing about it, you would think he would get used to me obsessing about stupid things. So now I have a $15.00 flip-flop worth nothing, maybe I should go float it out off the dock too. You know I always laughed when we went up north on the beach in SPI, we would find several mismatched sandals, shoes, flip-flops, and I would say, if you ever got stranded out here you could always put a set of shoes together! Well now my flip-flop will be found and someone will wonder about the story behind this perfectly good floating brown Croc! Or will they, probably not, it's just the way I think. Now to top it off, I call him from the beach, so he would come get me, so I wouldn't have to walk back barefoot, the shell and rock roads are a bit rough on the feet, but he doesn't wake up to his phone ringing...or was he just ignoring me when he heard it was from me?

The night was beautiful, close to a full moon. Another day in paradise.

I made dinner, Kilbasa, hashbrowns and beans, no cornbeef and cabbage this year.

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